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hoverboard ride

My birthday in Hoverbaord

A very nice birthday formula, fun and sporty, in the open air which is very popular to young children and to teenagers (in search of sensations and challenges). It is easy and quick to learn how to ride a hoverboard, unlike skateboarding (15 minutes for the most gifted and 30 to 45 minutes for the less daring).
The teams of animators are "super cool", the atmosphere is fun and we have a lot of fun. And even if the atmosphere is very relaxed, the organizers and animators are "very strict" on the safety of the children.

  • For children from 8 years old and 25kg minimum (mandatory)
  • 1 introduction to the practice of Hoverboard (between 30mn and 1h depending on the level and age of the children or teenagers) followed by a walk on the quays of the Seine 
  • Equipment provided 1 complete kit (mandatory): helmet, yellow vest, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards and Hoverboard
  • Meeting place : the 4th district

Rates, without snacks

  • Pack up to 5 children : 200€
  • Pack up to 10 children : 350€
  • 35€ / additional child (over 5 or 10)
  • Duration: 1h30 (initiation, then games or walk according to the age of the children)

Rates with snack (from July 1st)

  • Pack up to 5 children250€ (including tea)
  • Pack up to 10 children449€ (including tea)
  • 45€ / additional child (more than 5 or 10)
  • Duration : 2h30 (1h30 of initiation and game or walk, then 1h for the snack)
  • Afternoon tea 1 piece of cake and 1 drink per child or teenager (in a reserved room)
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Star Star Star Star Star - Fun activity, the kids really enjoyed it! But risk of falls and overpriced scooters....
Written by JeaSu, 02-02-2023

We rode a CAR hoverboard, not just a hoverboard as indicated on the site. Activity for a birthday party for 8 children, 2 teenagers and 3 adults. The kids really enjoyed this outing on the quays (it's a round trip from the Châtelet quays to the Tuileries tunnel and back to the store). A fun discovery! I think more supervision, especially with children, would be advisable, especially when going through the tunnel. It was great fun, but you have to be careful that the youngsters don't get too close to the children. This was the case, and an adult in the group had to intervene, as a sudden gesture due to surprise/fear can quickly lead to an accident. Disinfectant, compresses and bandages are essential. On the children's side, there was a minor accident, but on the adult side, there was a nasty fall, and the guides didn't have anything for first aid. I found the extra scooter rental overpriced! 40€ per person for 1h....

Star Star Star Star Star - Not for children's birthday parties!
Written by Valérie Maréchal , 21-10-2022

No information, no choices and no consideration for Café Vitto.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello Mrs, We take note of your negative comment. We are sorry that you did not like the service. We hope the children had a good time. We will pass on your comment to our partner.

Star Star Star Star Star - Hoverboard birthday
Written by [email protected] leguet, 21-10-2021

We had invited 6 children who loved the animation...because it was original and the weather was sublime. it's not an easy animation to do because you need balance. The animators are very nice and helpful. thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun but safety leaves something to be desired
Written by Laure, 01-10-2021

Our children had a great time, despite the storm. However, as a parent, I wouldn't recommend this activity as it's not safe. The proposed route, even on a bike path, with 9-year-olds, crossing several crossroads and heavy traffic, absolutely requires the presence of two supervisors (1 in front / 1 behind). Today, despite the kindness of the instructor, the situation was dangerous on several occasions: 1 child was left behind at a crossroads while a police vehicle was speeding along, without the instructor noticing, and a bus passed very close to a child left behind. I think this activity is better suited to family outings (with several adults to manage the traffic) or with two leaders. I was very uncomfortable with the team's lack of consideration for safety issues (even if the equipment provided is up to scratch). I absolutely wouldn't recommend this activity without an accompanying parent. In fact, I think it was initially planned to have 2 guides, but another group turned up at the last minute, so the 2nd guide left with that group. I wasn't at all relaxed about what was supposed to be a joyful moment. The restaurant's private room, on the other hand, is very nice.

Star Star Star Star Star - The activity is great, but not at all suitable for 9-year-olds.
Written by Virginia PAILHEREY, 21-06-2021

Hello, My message went unanswered, so perhaps you'll reply to this one. The activity as organized is clearly not suitable for 9 year olds. First of all, the equipment wasn't their size. It was difficult to get helmets to fit over their heads, and those oversized yellow vests were in the way. Then, after half an hour's initiation, the children found themselves on a two-way cycle track with one instructor at the head of the queue and one behind, but separated by hundreds of metres. Fortunately, my husband and I had chosen to follow them on foot along the track. This enabled us to guide the children, help them when they fell or warn them to stop at the traffic lights. Once on the docks, it was much less stressful, and they had a great time in beautiful surroundings. On the other hand, one of the children had a bad fall, and there's no provision for that. He was able to get back on the scooter with one of the organizers, but it took a while. It later transpired that he had fractured his elbow. No such luck... Before leaving, we asked for an accident report and were told it wasn't necessary. Too bad, because the parents obviously asked us for one. Last but not least, the ride, originally scheduled to last 1.5 hours, ended up taking nearly 3 hours. As a result, it was far too long, and by the end the children couldn't stop falling over. Admittedly, it was very hot that day, and the activity should have been adapted to take account of this factor. In fact, it's a good thing we'd provided water! Without it, the children would have been dehydrated. In short, it was very stressful and clearly very dangerous to leave a group of 8 children with only 2 leaders on the road. As I suggested in my message, the activity should start directly on the docks, in which case it would be perfect. I look forward to hearing from you.

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