An unusual birthday formula for children and pre-teens, very original and unique which is a great success. It is an initiation to Hoverboard + games and e-Hockey matches on hoverboard + snack (according to formula). It is a original birthday idea during which your children will have a lot of fun and will spend a lot of time!

Original birthday party from 8 years old: E-hockey on a hoverboard

The formula

  • 1 introduction to the practice of Hoverboard (between 30mn and 1h depending on the level and age of the children)
  • games and games by team
  • For the formula with snack : 1 piece of home-made cake and 1 drink per participant
  • This formula is very complete since it combines learning and discovery of the Hoverboard very trendy and fun side of e-Hockey ©
  • It's sporty and fun, and it pleases both children and adults
  • It's fun a outdoor activity very nice which seduces young children as well as pre-teens (in search of sensations)
  • It is easy and quick to learn about the practice of the hoverboardThis is in contrast to skateboarding (15 minutes for the most gifted and 30 to 45 minutes for the less adventurous).
  • The teams of animators are "super cool" but extremely security conscious

Useful information

  • Age  From 8 years old (+ 25kg)
  • duration 1h30 for the formula without snacks
  • duration 2h30 for the formula with snack
  • 1 kit to protect yourself (mandatory wearing): helmet, yellow vest, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist protection.
  • 1 cross and 1 Hoverboard for each child
  • 1 animator for 8 children or teenagers
  • Meeting place  : 4th district

Rates, without snacks

  • Pack up to 5 children : 200€ (without tasting it)
  • Pack up to 10 children : 350€ (without tasting it)
  • 35€ / additional child (more than 5 or 10)
  • Duration: 1h30 (initiation then e-Hockey games)

Rates with snack

  • Pack up to 5 children : 250€ (including tea)
  • Pack up to 10 children : 449€ (including tea)
  • 45€ / additional child (more than 5 or 10)
  • Duration : 2h30 (1h30 of initiation + games then 1h for the snack)

Practical information

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