For children from 7 to 11 years old
But who is this Street Art artist who is active in Montmartre?


A mysterious artist asks us to participate in his work! The children will have to go through Montmartre (it goes up and down), to be careful and attentive to go to the end of this mission...

By the game and the resolution of enigmasThe children will have to find this little-known street art artist who leaves his mark on street art in Montmartre. The animator will tell them exciting stories about Montmartre. It's a thrilling treasure hunt during which the children will discover the mysteries of this artist while having fun. A real team work with this game that goes develop their sense of directionlogical and of observation.

  • Who is this mysterious Street Artist who asks us to participate in his work? The children will have to go through the whole neighborhood, be more careful and attentive to complete this mission...
  • For an hour and a half, from signs found on a statue, from a label hidden under a bench, from a clue given by the facilitatorthe children will have to think, use their wits, and move on to the next step
  • They're going to solve riddles and each correct answer will allow them to advance on the course until the final goal, to find the work of this mystery artist
  • They'll leave with a little trophy at the end of the game...
  • Parents can of course be present, follow the group and get caught up in the game, but beware (!!!) it is forbidden to burn the children's blanket!
  • This treasure hunt is led by actors or certified guides.


(same price as direct)

  • Formula S : 150€ (up to 8 children)
  • Formula M : 1900€ (up to 10 children)
  • Formula L : 230€ (up to 12 children)
  • the snack is not included in this formula


  • Age for children from 7 to 11 years old
  • Number of children S formula (up to 8), M formula (up to 10), L formula (up to 12)
  • When Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
  • The neighborhood Montmartre (18th)
  • Meeting place place des Abbesses
  • duration : 1h30
  • Weather : the treasure hunt is maintained in case of rain (this will be the time to take out the rubber boots and umbrellas)
  • Held at In Montmartre, you will have to wear comfortable shoes (like sneakers) adapted to the neighborhood. Don't forget a small bottle of water, hat and glasses if the weather is very nice.
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Star Star Star Star Star - Great experience
Written by jeanyves, 05-05-2024

Great activity in Montmartre

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good experience
Written by Aurélie Dard, 12-06-2023

Very dedicated hostess. The children were really into this treasure hunt.

Star Star Star Star Star - extraordinary experience
Written by cécile Brune, on 23-01-2023

The Street Art survey in Montmartre is a great experience that I highly recommend! It's a highly entertaining and, at the same time, highly enriching adventure, for both the children and the adults lucky enough to accompany them 😉 We learn a lot about street art and contemporary artists, all led by a Secret Agent who plays his role perfectly (what a talent, excellent actor!) and takes the children into his confidence. It's a step-by-step investigation, with every clue leading to progress. Everyone gets caught up in the game, and it's well worth the effort. It's fun, it's playful, it's very well done, and it'll leave the children (aged 10) with beautiful, lasting memories. It's a real mission to accomplish, turning the city (in this case, the Montmartre district) into a life-size playground. Great stuff!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great treasure hunt!
Written by Adèle Chrétien, 05-12-2022

Superb treasure hunt led by Agent Cuivre! The kids loved it, they had a great afternoon and loved their agent! I recommend +++!

Star Star Star Star Star - great time
Written by Lucile Dahan , 20-06-2022

my 7-year-old son and his 9 friends had a great time and got really into the game. He loved discovering the artists in his neighborhood, playing with invisible ink, decoding rebuses... And above all, what a great idea to get them involved in street art! we'll be dropping in to check on our work regularly 🙂 thanks also for the little gifts at the end, the kids were like crazy! I recommend +++

Star Star Star Star Star - Super animation
Written by Alice Marty, 16-06-2022

Great activity to do in 1h30. Perfect for a birthday party with a snack afterwards. We end up right next to Parc Junot. Very well prepared in advance. Our secret agent was very nice and played the game well. The kids were all hooked (10 years old), even the little 6-year-old brother.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Anne-Sophie Liedot, on 19-05-2022

The kids loved it!

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