Hoverboard initiation + team games - From 8/9 years old (from 30kg)

Ultra convenient for parentsThe animators take care of everything and come to your place with all the material. You only have to worry about the snack! It is an outdoor activity very nice, original and playful which is a hit with children as well as with teens.

The initiation is easy and therefore very quickly the children can move, move, play (contrary to the Skateboard, more difficult to master). It takes an average of 15 minutes for the most gifted and 30 to 45 minutes for the less adventurous for the initiation

The teams of animators are very cool but ?very straddling? on safetyrespect for othersgood fellowship between children during games

Hoverboard birthday party at home

The Hoverboard Birthday package at home

  • The birthday party starts with an initiation à the practice of the Hoverboard 
  • Then collective and playful games
    • team relay race
    • slalom challenge
    • the sparrowhawk in hoverboard
    • picking up objects with a hoverboard
  • 1 counsellor per 8 children or teenagers
  • A complete kit to protect themselves is provided to each child (mandatory): helmet, yellow vest, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards
  • (the snack is not included in this formula)

  • Number of children : 5 children minimum (no maximum)
  • Place : the teams come to your home (in Paris and Île-de-France) with all the equipment
  • Parents should make sure that the chosen location (close to their home) is large enough to accommodate the children, the organizers and the equipment. Ideally, it is necessary to have access to a place where the organizers and the children can walk without risk (no roads or sidewalks) 
  • The organizers will make sure that the proposed location for the birthday party is suitable for the hoverboard birthday party at home before intervening


  • Pack 5 children or teenagers: 269? (travel expenses included)
  • Pack 10 children or teens: 494? (travel expenses included)
  • Pack 15 children or teens: 674? (travel expenses included)
  • 50? / additional child or teenager

Choose the date (and time) you would like to book this service. We will inquire about the availability of the animators (answer within 72 hours). You will be charged only after confirmation of availability facilitators.

Choose the date (and time) you would like to book this service. We will inquire about the availability of the teams (answer within 72 hours).

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