At the Paris Opera, for children from 6 to 10 years old
For a birthday, family, associations
Paris Opera treasure hunt from 6 years old

Rates and practical information

  • Formula S : 240? (up to 8 children and 2 adults)
  • Formula M : 270? (up to 10 children and 2 adults)
  • Formula L 300 (up to 12 children and 2 adults)
  • Each package includes two adult tickets (accompanying persons) for the Paris Opera
  • If there are more than two accompanying parents, they will have to pay an entrance ticket for the Opéra Garnier and inform the organizers in advance.
  • For children from 6 to 10 years old
  • Duration : 1h30
  • The snack is not included in these packages if it is for a birthday
  • Tickets are ticketed so there is no waiting to get into the Opera House
  • Meeting place: on the steps of the Paris Opera House

Who are these games for?

Pitch of this mission Tracking game at the Paris Opera

"Ghost opera!"

More than a century after the terrible affair of the Phantom of the Opera, the Palais Garnier is trembling again. For several days, anonymous letters have been arriving in the director's office signed "the New Phantom of the Opera". The dancers and musicians, frightened by this mysterious character, refuse to go on stage until the case is cleared up. We must get to the bottom of this affair so that the show can resume. Observation and analysis will be necessary, but let's hurry, the next performance must take place tonight...

Our opinion A playful visit to the superb Paris Opera, a speech adapted to young audiences, the discovery of one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris. A tour designed and thought out for children!

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Star Star Star Star Star - Original and Super Fun for the children
Written by MIHALIS KATSINAS, on 21-03-2023

The whole concept is fantastic from the first minute until the last. The children are having fun, they are super engaged in the clue hunting and they learn about this amazing monument along the way. Gabriole, our ?C14 agent? is just perfect for the job!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!!!
Written by Julie L, on 16-02-2023

On the occasion of my 8 year old son's birthday, 11 friends, cultural activity and investigation. Easy to book, easy to organize... the kids were really into it! I totally recommend it! A little downside: the little ones might be impressed by the voice of the opera ghost at the end of the investigation.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good work C14 agents
Written by Valerie Lausnes , 10-02-2023

We all loved this immersive experience at the Opéra Garnier. The animator/agent knew how to captivate the children from the beginning to the end. From the first contact with C14 to the end of the animation, I did not encounter any difficulties. The team was available to answer all my questions by email or by phone. The agent on site on D-Day remained in his role from the beginning to the end. The children LOVED it! .... and so did we.

Star Star Star Star Star - Captivating
Written by Vanessa (Jeanne's mom), on 30-01-2023

The children were captivated by the riddles to solve. For the parents, it also allows a pleasant visit of the Opera Garnier

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb
Written by BH, on 28-01-2023

A flawless performance!

Star Star Star Star Star - The kids really enjoyed it and the secret agent was great
Written by LC, 27-01-2023

Very good activity to celebrate a birthday.

Star Star Star Star Star - Enchanted children
Written by Cid, on 23-01-2023

My 7 year old daughter celebrated her birthday with a treasure hunt at the Opéra Garnier. The group of 10 children followed the animator. After an hour, some children found the time a little long but they all left with a smile on their face. The C14 network was reactive and professional in dealing with the problem of unauthorized luggage at the Opéra Garnier.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great agent that captivated our children.
Written by Claire, on 12-01-2023

Very nice and funny agent who played his role well Efficient, simple and easy organization, everything is managed for you Explanations about the opera well adapted to the age of the children (6 years old)

Star Star Star Star Star - Exciting!
Written by PY PHILIPPON, on 09-12-2022

Playful. Thrilling while learning about the Garnier opera

Star Star Star Star Star - A nice survey to discover the opera
Written by Stéphane Coutin, on 27-11-2022

The children, depending on their age, loved either the investigation or the visit of the opera house discovered from clue to clue, or both. Advice, nice initiative for a small group of 7 children max. We were 13 and not all the children could see the clues.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great birthday!
Written by Aurélien COICADAN, 24-11-2022

Escape game reserved for our child's 10th birthday. The group loved the experience. The secret agent played his role very well. The enigma was solved and the secrets of the Opera will be well kept! Thanks again for this great experience.

Star Star Star Star Star - A good time with friends
Written by Dina, on 22-11-2022

The children loved it. A very good management despite the number of children (12 children) We recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Mystery and magic thanks to a sublime place!
Written by Maria , on 19-11-2022

What a chance to celebrate one's birthday in this mythical place: an investigation carried out in the greatest secrecy and "professionalism" in the splendid setting of the Garnier Opera House. The children were delighted thanks to the animator who succeeded in captivating them during 1h30 through historical elements and fiction and in familiarizing them with this so beautiful monument. Everything was very convincing and very well staged. After the investigation we can stay and continue the visit if we wish. So don't hesitate to offer this original and instructive birthday party to your child and his friends. (Two small drawbacks: the animator spoke very softly to keep the secret character, but as there were a lot of visitors sometimes we wondered if all the children heard what she said. Moreover, the time spent on the steps to prepare the children seemed a bit long; an extra step inside would have been welcome).

Star Star Star Star Star - A beautiful adventure
Written by Rose-Viviane , on 16-10-2022

It was a great adventure for the kids. My son and his friends were thrilled. They got completely into the story. At the end they were not sure that it was just a game;-) The letters handed in before the big day made an impression. It was a very nice way to discover the opera and its magnificent scenery. Thanks to you all.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very professional team, subject leads to the exciting way and very interesting for children, but for adults too. The place is of course beautiful. Very precise organization, with good communication . I thank all team and Leonard
Written by Tatiana Valmorin, on 13-10-2022

yes I highly recommend this activity

Star Star Star Star Star - Great birthday!
Written by Tanya Amyuni on 08-07-2022

Great birthday party at the Opéra Garnier, my daughter (who was 9 years old) and her friends were delighted! Very well organized The activity mixes the cultural aspects of the place with the resolution of a riddle Very nice!

Star Star Star Star Star - Original and unforgettable birthday party!
Written by Marilyne Cafarelli, on 27-05-2022

excellent time spent with the copper agent ! I highly recommend ! My daughter and her friends were delighted ! ...the parents too !

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