4 game trails at the Louvre for children aged 7 to 12
anniversary treasure hunt at the Louvre Museum

Rates and practical information

  • Formula S  : 290? (up to 8 children and 2 accompanying adults)
  • Formula M : 330? (up to 10 children and 2 accompanying adults)
  • Formula L  : 370? (up to 12 children and 2 accompanying adults)
  • Each package includes two adult admissions to the Louvre Museum
  • If there are more than two accompanying parents, they will have to pay for an admission ticket to the Louvre Museum and inform the organizers in advance
  • For children from 7 to 12 years old
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Snacks are not included in these packages. It is not possible to organize a snack on site
  • The tickets are ticketed so there is no waiting to enter the museum

Who is the target group for these tours?

  • For children who want to celebrate their birthday with their friends
  • For families who wish to privatize a tour of the Louvre. The talk is intended for children, but young and old alike will learn fascinating things about the Louvre and the works it houses.
  • For associations (rates on request) CONTACT US)

Pitching the missions at the Louvre: 4 themes

Whatever the chosen theme (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the great works of the Louvre...) These are treasure hunts or games of investigation during which the children will have to solve enigmas to advance on the course. All the courses are done in the Louvre Museum. The animators are trained for the young public. They will tell them exciting stories and introduce them to one of the most beautiful and richest museums in the world.

In search of the Nectar of Olympus (Greece)

A very special request has just come in: a secret society that keeps a precious divine Nectar is being double-crossed by the secret service. In view of the upcoming Olympic GamesYour child and his friends have been chosen to recover this precious potion. Their 2nd mission, to give this potion to the organizing committee of the Olympic Games. The investigation can begin ... It is in the heart of the Louvre Museum and in the middle of works of art that the children will evolve. We'll tell them, the history of the ancient Olympic Games and the myths associated with it
Department visited Greek department and 17th century French statues

The cradle of humanity (Mesopotamia)

The International Secret Archaeology Society has just been alerted to the sale, on the black market, of a precious 19th century lot. It is part of the treasures of the legendary City of Dur-SharrukinThis is the capital of Mesopotamia, the civilization that saw the birth of the beginnings of our modern world: the wheel, writing, irrigation of the cultures... The children will have imperatively to recover this treasure of humanity and put it in a safe place, before it disappears forever. The track game can begin but discretion will be required, at the risk of being discovered.
Department visited Mesopotamia Department

The theft of the crown jewels

Amethysts belonging to the Crown Jewels collection have disappeared... The main suspect? A guard who joined the museum staff 8 years ago. And of course, at the time of her arrest she had nothing on her. So it's up to us to find these amethysts!
Departments visited Greek department, 19th century French painting and Italian renaissance

The curse of the pyramid (Egypt)

To save a group of archaeologists from a mysterious curse, we must find the objects they brought back from their last campaign in the Louvre. Sarcophagi, amulets, or objects of daily lifeNot a single clue should be forgotten. A real race against the clock awaits our young visitors, to avoid the spell becoming irreversible. They will have 2 hours to discover, recognize and find the most emblematic objects of this department
Department visited Department of Egyptian Antiquity

Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - A great time for all the kids
Written by Sophie Morabito, on 24-03-2023

A dynamic speaker, who really took the children into the fiction A beautiful discovery of the major works An efficient circulation in the museum with 10 children and despite the crowd inside

Star Star Star Star Star - Fantastic
Written by Stephanie Mariani on 30-01-2023

Great organization, the children were very quickly taken in by the game, a guide who knew how to captivate the children and parents! I highly recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great activity!
Written by Daniela D., on 27-01-2023

An exciting host, very well organized with a team available and listening. The children loved it, a successful birthday!

Star Star Star Star Star - Successful birthday, we had a great
Written by Ekaterina Burdina, on 20-01-2023

Our coach was great!

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb Anniversary between Riddles, Action and Glass
Written by Mordjiane CARTIER, on 25-11-2022

The children let themselves be embarked in the superb adventure proposed by the agent Carbone! They were delighted ???? Between the discovery of the Louvre, the enigmas around some major works such as the painting of the Shipwreck of the Medusa or the painting of David and Goliath, and even the crown jewels, the girls absorbed the words of the secret agent? and are still talking about it a few days later! A festive and cultural birthday was great! Thanks to all the team

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good experience
Written by Aude Devarenne, on 20-10-2022

The activity went very well. The activity leader knew how to captivate the children who really enjoyed this experience at the Louvre Museum. I recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Louvre
Written by Lila Mokrani , on 08-10-2022

The kids were more than happy! A great Louvre experience

Star Star Star Star Star - Scavenger hunt at the Louvre
Written by Nadra ROUILLON, on 29-09-2022

This is more like a guided tour of the Louvre (adapted to children) than a treasure hunt. Nevertheless, the guide is good and knows his subject. But for a birthday it lacks fun.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice experience for my daughter's 10th birthday
Written by Laetitia Cherki, on 08-07-2022

What the children really liked was the way they were put into the "secret agent" atmosphere, with secret passwords and codes. The copper agent who took care of the children knew how to transmit his passion for history (many anecdotes) while being playful. The epilogue of the investigation is magic, the children were delighted, I heard "WAAAAAAAAA" :). What is a little complicated is the number of visitors to the Louvre in the middle of summer, but this does not prevent the unfolding of the enigma. Besides, the copper agent who knew the Louvre by heart found quieter places to give the different clues. I have recommended this activity to other people, moreover I was asked for the contacts following enigmas in the Louvre. It's a change from the dozens of identical birthday parties in overcrowded playgrounds.

Star Star Star Star Star - Exceptional
Written by Charlotte Gillardeau, on 04-07-2022

Agent Carbone was simply amazing. She was able to take the kids into the world of secret agents beyond my expectations. They all loved it !!!! A huge thank you.

Star Star Star Star Star - A successful mission!
Written by Laurent , on 25-06-2022

Thanks to the copper agent for guiding a team of 8 agents to solve the mystery of the pyramid.

Star Star Star Star Star - The children really enjoyed the activity
Written by laurence lechevallier, on 14-06-2022

thanks to TheO

6 treasure hunts and investigation games for a birthday party

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