- New Circus - Mime - Dance -Ferries
  • WE love : A show of infinite poetry
  • Age : for all, from 8 years old
  • Duration: Until May 14
  • Location: Theater of the Atelier (Paris 18th)
Bells and spells the show for all audiences

Bells and Spells: an infinite poetry

  • A wonderful show all public, between the art of mime, new circus, and dance
  • On stage Aurélia Thierrée and Jaime Martinez, members of thea Thierrée and Chaplin tribe. Aurélia Thierrée is Chaplin's granddaughter, the daughter of the great couple of the invisible circus, the sister of the James Thierrée ... In short, Aurélia Thierrée is part of the wonderful family galaxy united by by a crazy talent, an extraordinary sense of spectacle
  • A poetic dive into the life of a kleptomaniac. A coat rack starts to walk. Seats and a table slide. and a table slide, a dress is suddenly moved by an autonomous life... The strange joins here the marvelous
  • Bells and Spells: literally means "bells and spells". We are under the spell, subjugated, we love it!
  • A show of 1:10

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