The exhibition at the heart of commando operations
From 10 years old
Until January 29, 2023
At the Army Museum

The "Special Forces" EXPO

  • WE LOVE : the first exhibition ever devoted to the French special forces; meeting with very discreet heroes
  • AGE: from 10 years old thanks to the great multimedia device
  • DATE: until January 29, 2023
  • HOURS: every day from 10 am to 6 pm - Nocturne until 9 pm on Tuesday
  • DURATION : at least 1 hour - You can stay 3 hours !
  • LOCATION: Museum of the Army (Paris 7e)
Special Forces, the Army Museum exhibition

"Special Forces": the exhibition on one of the most discreet units of the French army

  • The exhibition presents in an extremely lively way the history, the functioning, the equipment and the evolution of the special forces since the second world war until today
  • Thanks to the very rich multimedia device and the many field objects on display, it is an immersive exhibition in the heart of the special forces commando units
  • Occupying 3 large rooms of the museum, they are 250 objects on display Uniforms, equipment (land, sea or air with tanks, planes, drones, weapons...), objects recovered on the ground, impacted objects testifying to the reality of the fighting...
  • About 50 multimedia devices show more than 6 hours of interviews with special forces soldiers and present special operations, life in the field but also the return to civilian life
  • The exhibition shows the increasingly important use that is made today of these special units of the French army
  • It also questions the complex relationship that our societies have with war

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