WE love
: this one man show full of apzurdities, which mixes humor and poetry
Age :  for the whole family, from 3 years old
Duration:  jusqu’au 28 mars
Location:   Theater of Treviso (Paris)
Apzurde, la pièce de théatre pour les enfants, les ados et les plus grands

Apzurde: marriage of humor and poetry

  • A show full of apsurdités!
  • Frédéric Leclerc, alone on stage, goes on a series of unlikely numbers and leads us into his crazy universe, where humor rubs poetry.
  • On the program: mime, puppets, optical magic, burlesque songs, but also butterfly training or ornithological orchestra conducting!
  • Thus, succeeding happy octopus parading, a worm that makes a pole dance number, a chaffinch, a jay, a cuckoo and a tit that team up to take revenge on a psychopathic conductor ...
  • A show for the whole family


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