Theater - ideal from 10 years old

The Slap

  • WE LOVE : an irresistible trio of actors, a scathing staging, the humor of the show and the active participation of the audience
  • AGEideal from 10 years old
  • DATES until June 26, 2024
  • PLACE Théâtre Gaîté Montparnasse (Paris 14e)

After Le Siffleur and its 600 performances, Fred Radix returns with a new musical, humorous and interactive show

La Claque, the very funny play in Paris

The pitch of the show : the art of the Claque ! and the mise en abime of a play within a play, in which the public is a stakeholder

1895 in a Parisian theater. Auguste Levasseur, the leader of the claque, directs a troupe of accomplices, who, mixed with the public, are in charge of applauding at the appropriate moments

His usual cheerleading team is not there. There is only an hour and a half left before the premiere to get new clappers to rehearse.

The new clappers are the public!

The formidable trio of actors performs in one hour top time, in front of the new clappers, excerpts from the show which has no less than five acts, forty musicians and thirty set changes!

The rhythm is frantic, the atmosphere overexcited and ... it is very funny

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