Come celebrate your birthday with your friends at FlyView and take to the skies of Paris!
From 7/8 years old (min. 1m20)
Flyview, the virtual flight over Paris.


  • Reception of the children and the parent
  • Explanation time by the Flyview team to the parents 5 min. and the cake is placed in the room
  • Boarding and Incredible Overview 35 min
  • Time photo space 15 / 20 minutes (at interactive kiosks with instant printing)
  • Taste (about 30 minutes)


  • It is an aerial tour of Paris which will give children an unusual cultural experience, a 360° panoramic view of the monuments of the most beautiful city in the world
  • On board a jetpack, a real flight simulatorthe kids are gonna put on their helmets and fly over Paris
  • On a dynamic platform, children will take off, accelerate and vibrate to the rhythm of the flight. The sensations are guaranteed!
  • During this experience of fly over Paris in virtual reality, they will fly over Notre Dame (before the fire that destroyed its roof), an ascent inside the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysées, the Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe, the monuments along the Seine
  • A 20km course with about twenty monuments overflown: it is spectacular and children will discover Paris as they have never seen it before


  • 36? TTC / child
  • The rate includes The Incredible Flyover" + 1 free paper photo per child + 1 private room + 2 juices (per child) + 1 package of candy + a booklet for the children related to the flyover experience, in paper version, which will be given to each child.
  • Deposit check: 500? TTC returned after inventory of fixtures made by the Flyview team (payable to FV and given the day of the service)


  • AGE (OR HEIGHT) Children must be at least 1.20m tall to participate in the "Incredible Flight" experience (7 to 8 years old minimum)
  • NUMBER OF CHILDREN minimum 6 children / no maximum
  • PLACE at Flyview (in the 2nd)
  • DURATION : 1h30
  • A parent (accompanying adult) is required for the entire birthday party (only children can experience the "Incredible Flight")


  • Privatization of a room for snacking
  • Beverages and sweets are included in the package. (2 glasses of fruit juice / child and 1 packet of candy) / Cardboard cups are provided
  • At the charge of the parents the cake + plates + napkins + cutlery
  • Duration of privatization of the room : 30mn


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