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anniversaire enfant : jeu de piste sur le thème du street art

WE LOVE : discover Street Art while having fun
Age :  From the age of 8
Rate :  260 € pour 10 jeunes max.
DURATION:  2 hours


The goal of this treasure hunt: find the works following a given course and answer the enigmas asked!
  • Age : From the age of 8
  • Rate : 260 € pour 10 jeunes max.
  • 1 facilitator for the youth group
  • Privatization of one of the 4 discovery courses
  • The snack is not provided in this formula



  • Street art is on the rise. Young people are sensitive to this street art so singular and at the same time very accessible. They are often intrigued by the many graffiti, collages, Space Invider, monumental frescoes, drawings
  • Several districts of Paris have metamorphosed in recent years and Street Art is now part of the Parisian landscape
  • This treasure hunt aims to make them discover this street art by developing their artistic sense
  • 4 courses are available in Paris, accessible to pre-teens and teens
  • They will allow them to discover Artists like Invader, Misstik, Nemo, Mesnager, Pébeo
  • They will embark on a treasure hunt, solve puzzles and discover works by famous and unknown artists



  • Course n ° 1 in the district of Montmartre: one of our favorite neighborhoods in Paris, which hides some nuggets of street art
  • Course n ° 2 in the Marais district : go in search of Street Art in this very beautiful area of Paris
  • Course n ° 3 in the district Oberkampf // Belleville,: it's in this neighborhood that everything started and the Street emerged a few years ago
  • Course n ° 4 in the quarter of Butte aux Cailles and the 13th arrondissement : his monumental frescoes commissioned by the town hall of the 13th and the bucolic and rural district of Butte aux Cailles


jeu de piste dans Paris sur le thème du Street Art

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the taste planned? The taste is not provided in this form Game track.
  • Are the courses suitable for all teens  ? Yes, the choice is made more according to the desires of the parents and the children, the place of residence etc ...
  • Are some courses better suited to boys or girls?   No, they are mixed and will please everyone.
  • Is it a treasure hunt?   No, it's a real treasure hunt. The goal is not to find a treasure but to solve puzzles along the way
  • Do parents have to accompany the group? No, it's a treasure hunt for young people, not for adults.
  • What if parents want to take pictures?  The facilitator takes photos during the treasure hunt and will be happy to send them to the parents.

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