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jeu de piste anniversaire paris

WE LOVE : the children are cultivated while having fun
Age :  for children aged 7 to 11
Rate :  260 € for 10 children max.
DURATION:  2 hours



For your child's birthday, privatize one of the 8 treasure hunts organized by Professor Schnock and Mademoiselle Nô, in the most beautiful districts of Paris. Children will turn into detectives and will have to solve riddles on various themes (Paris history, literature, painting...) hidden throughout the course.
  • These treasure hunts are for children from 7 to 11 years
  • The price of the Anniversary * formula: 260 € for 10 children max.
  • 1 facilitator for the group of children
  • Privatization of one of the 8 discovery courses to choose according to the theme or your place of residence
  • Some sweets to reward them (the snack is not planned in this formula)


chasse au trésor anniversaire paris


  • The goal of this treasure hunt is cultural and educational ... but also fun
  • Become a real detective by discovering the clues hidden by Professor Schnock in the City of Light!
  • Discover Paris and its riches
  • Sharpen the look of the child by observing paintings, sculptures ...
  • Improve our knowledge solving puzzles on art, literature, theater and Paris history
  • Learn to give your opinion and to evoke his tastes
  • And especially enjoy by embarking on an unusual fun tour in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!



  • Course n ° 1 -  Discovering the origins of Paris (City Island, Notre-Dame de Paris, City Hall
  • Course n ° 2 - Living life in the time of Molière and the Kings of France : (The Comédie-Française, the Louvre)
  • Course n ° 3 -  Discovering Paris, from the Middle Ages to the 18th century  (Place des Vosges, the Marais)
  • Course n ° 4 - In the footsteps of Marie de Médicis  (The Luxembourg Garden)
  • Course n ° 5 - To the knowledge of Art Nouveau and the Belle Epoque (the 16th arrondissement)
  • Course n ° 6 - In the steps of Picasso and the great painters of the district of New Athens (9th arrondissement, Montmartre)
  • Course n ° 7 - The Paris of Napoleon III and Baron Haussmann (the Buttes-Chaumont) 
  • Course n ° 8 - Literature and music (the Parc Monceau)


Cultural, educational and fun

anniversaire enfant 7 ans, 8 ans, 9 ans, 10 ans, 11 ans

idée d'anniversaire pour un enfant de 7 ans, 8 ans, 9 ans, 10 ans et 11 ans

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the taste planned? The taste is not provided in this anniversary formula Treasure hunt.
  • Are the courses suitable for all children  ? Yes, the choice is made more according to the desires of the parents and the children, the place of residence etc ...
  • Are some courses best for little boys or girls?   No, they are mixed and will please everyone.
  • Is it a treasure hunt?   No, it's a real treasure hunt. The goal is not to find a treasure but to solve puzzles along the way. If they are wise, they may have candies and cakes on arrival.
  • Do parents have to accompany the group? No, the presence of parents is strongly discouraged. It's a treasure hunt for the little ones, not the big ones.
  • What if parents want to take pictures?  The facilitator takes photos during the treasure hunt and will be happy to send them to the parents.
  • Can younger siblings participate? Children under 6 are not accepted (for safety and insurance reasons)


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