Initiation + games and matches + taste
A very original and unique birthday formula that is very popular with children: an introduction to the Hoverboard + games and games + to taste. They will have a lot of fun and workout!

formule anniversaire : e-hockey en hoverboard avec Insolites collections

WE LOVE :  the most original of our birthday formulas
Age :  From the age of 8
RATE :  from 44,50 € / child (afternoon tea included)
LOCATION:  In Paris, in the 4th


For 2h30 of delivery: introduction to the Hoverboard + games and match + the to taste

    • Pack 5 children or teenagers: 250€* (including tea)
    • Pack 10 children or teens: 449€* (including tea)
    • Pack 15 children or teens: 669€* (including tea)
    • 50€ / extra child or teen
    • Location: 4th district (initiation, games and matches, snack)

    * negotiated rates with our partner 


This formula is for children From the age of 8 (from 25kg). She understands : 

  • 1 introduction to the practice of Hoverboard (between 30mn and 1h depending on the level and age of the children)
  • games and games by team
  • afternoon tea with 1 piece of homemade cake and 1 drink per child or teen
  • 1 facilitator for each 8 children or teens
  • 1 kit to equip (mandatory): helmet, yellow vest, knee pads, elbow guards and wrist guards
  • 1 cross and 1 Hoverboard for each child

Warning : this birthday formula is accessible to all children of + 25 kg (and -120 kg for dads and moms who want to try the experiment).


  • This formula is very complete since it combines learning and discovery of the Hoverboard very trendy and fun side of e-Hockey ©
  • It's sporty and fun, and it pleases both children and adults
  • It's fun : a great outdoor activity that appeals to young children like teenagers (in search of sensations)
  • It is easy to learn how to practice hoverboard, unlike Skateboard (15 minutes for the most talented and 30 to 45 minutes for the less adventurous).
  • The teams of animators are "super cool" but extremely security conscious


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