From 6 years old
Department of Egyptology of the Louvre
guided tour of the Louvre in the Egypt department

The family visit "Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs

The guided tour, for children from 6 years old, of the most famous department of Egyptian antiquities in the world

  • The objective of this guided tour  is to help children discover the life of the egyptians in the time of the pharaohsand the wonderful collection of Egyptian antiquities of the Louvre Museum
  • The guide first explains to the children how life was organized in Egypt in ancient times. Who were the pharaohs, what did the scribes do?
  • Then, she invites the children to discover the works in the windows duringa journey of discovery during which they try to decipher hieroglyphs
  • The visit ends with the evocation of life after deathThis is a fundamental theme in ancient Egypt. It is the occasion to discover the mummies, the mastabas and the canopic vases...
  • A small booklet will accompany the children throughout the visit

Rates and information for scheduled visits

  • 20 to 22 participants maximum per visit
  • duration : 1h30
  • Meeting place : Richelieu passage under the arcades outside (do not enter the museum)
  • This visit is animated by guide-lecturers
  • An adult seat is necessarily associated with a child seat.
  • Visit in French


  • Who is it for? : school, extra-curricular, birthday, family...
  • Rate From 250 euros per visit
  • Increase of 20% on Sundays and holidays
  • Number 25 people max (adults and/or children) for groups
  • Number : 6 persons max (adult or child) for families
  • Visit in French or English
  • For schools : from 1st grade / primary

Practical information

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