In Paris and the Ile-de-France region (the teams will come to you)

Animation (manual activity) 3D pen for leisure centres, youth centres, youth hostels, schools (elementary school, middle school, high school), for rallies...

3D pen workshop for children and teenagers
3D object creation workshop with a 3D pen


  • The 3D pen is a tool combining art and new technologies.
  • To create a 3D object, children or teenagers will be equipped with a pen, plastic and a heat source. Then the magic can begin!
  • Everyone will be equipped with this new generation 3D pen. that will heat plastic until it melts.
  • By depositing it on a support where it will cool in contact with the air, they will be able to literally "draw in the air" or more concretely draw shapes or objects in volume.

  • The 3D pen is the perfect introduction to the world of 3D technology,
  • A very nice animation in the form of'playful and creative workshop which allows in a simple and intuitive way to quickly realize objects


  • Where in Paris and the Ile-de-France region (in your school or host structure)
  • Organization The animators travel to your school or reception centre with all the necessary equipment.
  • Host 1 facilitator for about 10 participants
  • duration Workshops last between 30mn and 1h30 depending on the chosen formula.
  • Age for young people from 8 years old, for teenagers and also adult workshops
  • Number of participants no limitation in number of participants (large capacity)
  • Logistics The reception structure must have a room with one or more tables (depending on the number of participants).

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