No July 14 without the traditional fireballs!

free ball to celebrate the 14th of July in Paris

The balls of the July 14th in ParisAs in all of France, it is a timeless tradition, for the greatest happiness of all. These balls are held on July 13 or July 14.
The balls of July 14 (and also July 13!) are numerous. There are the firemen's balls and the popular balls. Each Parisian district organizes its ball. If some are freeFiremen's balls are usually paid for or barrels are set up to receive your donations. In any case, it is abouta low-cost outing.

For families we particularly recommend the following 2 free balls:

The free popular ball organized by the city hall of the 3rd district: Attention, ball not confirmed this year for the moment
On the square in front of the town hall of the 3rd, This ball is for children between 8:30 and 10 pm. Then, place to the biggest!

Grand bal des pompiers at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie : Attention, ball not confirmed this year for the moment
Following the great success of previous years, the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie will be transformed into a giant dance floor from 8:30 pm. Free fireman's ball for all the public. Popular and festive atmosphere guaranteed!
firemen's ball at the Cité des Sciences for the 14th of July in Paris


Where to dance on the night of July 13th to 14th from 9pm to 4am?

1st: Rousseau (21, rue du Jour)
4th: Sévigné (07-09, rue de Sévigné)
5th : Arènes de Lutèce barracks (61, rue Monge)
6th: Colombier (11, rue du Vieux Colombier)
9th: Blanche (28, rue Blanche)
10th: Landon (188, quai de Valmy)
12th: Chaligny (26, rue de Chaligny)
13th: Port-Royal (53-55, boulevard Port-Royal)
13th : Massena (37, boulevard Masséna)
15th: Grenelle (6, Place Violet)
17th: Boursault (27, rue Boursault)
18th: Montmartre (12 rue Carpeaux)
19th: Bitche (2, Place de Bitche)
20th: Menilmontant (47, rue Saint-Fargeau)


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