In the 7th in Paris or at home (Paris and near suburbs)
An anniversary floral workshop, an original and fun idea for budding florists ! Passionate and caring animators will accompany and help the children in the creation of a floral composition or a bouquet.

celebrate your birthday with a floral workshop

WE LOVE : the joyful and playful atmosphere of this floral workshop
Age :  for children from 5 to 10 years old
Budget:  25 € per child
LOCATION:  in the parents' home or in the 7th in Paris


The formula "Birthday flower"

The anniversary floral workshop includes:

  • The creation of a 3D map that will accompany the floral composition (fun activity around flowers): collage, coloring etc ... (about 30 minutes)
  • The creation of a bouquet or floral arrangement (about 1 h) - Parents can tell us if their daughter or son has a favourite colour, a favourite flower for the composition.
  • Afternoon tea (optional)

* These workshops are aimed at both little boys than little girls


The rates

  • Workshop Price : 25 € / child (for 1h30 workshop)
  • Supplement for birthdays at home: 25 € for travel expenses
  • Formula taste *: 50 € for the group of children (cake + drink + candy) - Duration from 30mn to 45mn
  • Supplement for a personalized cake: 30€

* The snack formula is only available if the birthday is at the workshop in the 7th
* The parents can bring to the workshop the snack if they wish (taste at their expense).


Useful information

  • Age : from 5 to 10 years
  • Number of children : 6 children min. and 12 children max.
  • duration : 1h30 (for the workshop) + 30mn to 45mn approximately for the snack (optional)
  • When : Wednesday afternoons, Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and every day during school holidays
  • Place in the 7th grade in Paris (Military School) or at the parents' home (in Paris or close suburbs)
  • The animators : a bouquetist craftsman and a specialist in event creation



  • It's the meeting of two passionate, Céline and Mathieu who wanted to pass on their knowledge and passion to children. A beautiful alchemy between a bouquet artisan and a workshop creator for young and old. Workshops are held in a space dedicated to flower, curiosity and discovery
  • Children play with colors and scents: it's a fun and sensory invitation in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • They plant, sow, learn to compose a bouquet
  • They discover the families of plants and flowers, their perfume and awaken to nature
  • We have fun, we laugh and we go home with a nice composition


anniversary floral workshop in the 7th in Paris

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can parents stay during the birthday?   Uh no ! It's just for kids
  • Is there a minimum of children for the birthday workshop?   Yes, 6 children min.
  • How is the birthday at home?   The facilitator comes to your place with his material and animates the workshop for 1h30
  • Where is the workshop?  At a florist in the 7th arrondissement in Paris


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