October 17 to November 1, 2020
Come and shiver with your family at the Dreadful Sea of Sand!

Halloween at the Sand Sea

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a family outing to celebrate Halloween
Age :  from 3 years
When:  from October 3 to November 1, 2020
Location: Ermenonville, Picardie 60950

The Dreadful Sea of Sand, Halloween Special

  • On the occasion of thehe Halloween partyThe amusement park "La Mer de Sable" is once again having fun frightening the little monsters as well as the most daring ones.
  • At the special Halloween program of the Dreadful Sea of Sand : make-up, gooseflesh tales, funny skeletons, evil sets, grimacing contests, Bill Le Macabre's Labyrinth, shows, sinister sets and metamorphosed attractions...
  • During Halloween, the Chikapas Jungle becomes Chikachocottes, the Safarigolo becomes Safaritrouille and the Infernal Escape Train promises a Big Steam Scare.
  • Come and shiver with pleasure with your family at the Mer de Sable.
sea of sand, the family outing for Halloween

La Mer de Sable, the theme park for families

  • The Mer de Sable is located at about 45 minutes from Paris by car (Oise).
  • This amusement park offers more than 30 attractions and fun activities for young and old, large live shows including two equestrian shows and a farm.
  • The Sand Sea is organized around 3 universes. You will travel to the time of the far west, you will live an adventure in the jungle and you will climb a huge sand dune that will lead you to the Gates of the Desert.
Halloween make-up at the Sand Sea
Halloween at the Sea of Sand. Discounted tickets

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