A great new immersive place with kids and teens.


This new Parisian museum is simply insane! You're gonna get your eyes full of it!
The Museum of Illusion is a concept on the borderline between scientific and playful, an immersive and multi-sensory experience.

WE LOVE :  experiences that will drive you crazy
AGE :  For all, from 5/6 years old
FREE  for children under 5 years old; Family rate

the museum of illusion, the best outing with teenagers

The museum of illusion: a fascinating museum to lose your head

  • 70 experiences of bluffing illusionsto lose all his bearings
  • Your children and teenagers are going to love it!
  • The Museum of Illusion offers a two-level tour through the world of optical illusion, with panels explaining how it works (fortunately!).
  • The principle of optical illusion is to deceive the spectator by playing on the proportions and here it works at 100%
  • The Museum of Illusion is the first of its kind in France. This original concept comes from Zagreb where it was inaugurated in 2015. Since then it has already conquered New York, Shanghai, Athens, Dubai, Toronto... And now Paris!
  • You lose your bearings and you love it! In Aldebert Ames' room, (a trapezoidally built room), people grow or shrink when they move around, our balance is put to the test in the Infinity room and we don't tell you the experience of the Vortex Tunnel, you will be very, very confused ...
  • Remember to recharge your phone before your visit. You'll want to take thousands of photos!


If you like the world of magic and illusion...

Paris offers fun and family activities for apprentice magicians:

  • In addition to the Museum of Illusion, your children will have fun at the Museum of Magic and Automata
  • The bluffing magic tricks of the Double bottomthe café théâtre de la magie are a Parisian must-see in the world of magic.
  • And regularly magic shows are on the bill for the happiness of young and old alike.

museum of illusions for a family outing

the museum of illusion is open every day

night opening hours of the museum of illusions

paris musee illusion

Vortex of the Museum of Illusion

Practical information

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  • - Open every day from 10 am to 8 pm
  • - Open on all public holidays
  • - Open at night until 10 pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Jean Pierre Billard

Entrance fee far too high for a 3/4 hour visit... Nostalgia dlmes trains fantômes des fetes foraines ...

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Olivia Team Familin'Paris

We found the Museum of Illusion very original and quite amazing. We let ourselves be bluffed by all these optical illusions. It's fun and it makes you think!

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