Film screenings dedicated to toddlers
and at very low prices

movie show for young children

WE LOVE :  a soft light and a sound level adapted to small children.
LE PETIT + :  Colouring, make-up or reading workshops can be offered to children.
LENGTH OF SESSIONS :  maximum 1 hour
AGE :  from 3 to 6 years
RATE :  5€ per session
WHEN:  Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday depending on the room
LOCATION:  in 8 theatres in Paris and 8 theatres in Ile-de-France (and also in the provinces)



Awakening the youngest to the 7th Art is the objective of these film screenings, scheduled since March 11, 2020 in several Gaumont and Pathé theaters in Paris, Ile-de-France and the provinces. To enhance these film screenings, activities will be offered to children: make-up, colouring and reading workshops..

  • In the program : newsreels (on screen), medium-length films or covers
  • A soft and subdued light (some kids are afraid of complete darkness)
  • An adapted sound level to young ears
  • A screening time adapted to young audiences with sessions lasting no more than an hour.




From September 30th to October 11th, "My mini-session" offers you :

Ernest and Célestine in winter : Ernest is a big gibberish bear. He likes to play music and eat jam. He took in Célestine, a little orphan mouse, and they now share a house. The two friends are never bored! As the first snowflakes approach, they prepare for Ernest's hibernation: they have to take care of Bibi, their wild goose, who will fly away before the great cold, go to the mouse ball and celebrate the first day of winter. Finally, don't forget to bake good cakes so that Ernest falls asleep with a full stomach!
A selection of four episodes from the Ernest et Célestine series: Bibi, Le Bouton d'accordéon, Blizzard and Le Bal des souris.

From October 14th, "My mini-session" offers you :

The Unloved: Our planet is teeming with life, and it's up to us to save it. But can this protection exist or be effective even though we do not know the role and functioning of most species, or worse, that some of them frighten us? This programme of 4 short films shows with gentleness and tenderness the universe of some of these "unloved" to whom tales and legends or simply prejudices have unfortunately given a bad reputation.



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