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LOVE:  a small and fascinating museum
FOR CHILDREN AND PRE-TEENS :  free survey booklets for the open house
FREE MUSEUM :  for everyone and all year round
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What you will discover at the Curie Museum

The Curie Museum is located in the Val de Grace district on the Curie Campus. It plunges us into the history of radioactivity and of its medical applications. It allows us to discover the universe and history of Pierre and Marie Curie...five-time Nobel Prize winner. Booklets-investigations allow the youngest to discover in a playful and educational way the career of these two illustrious scientists who rest not far from the Pantheon.

  • The permanent collection of the museum presents the office and laboratory of Marie Curie, the history of radioactivity and radiotherapy, the different stages of the scientific discoveries of the Curies and the Joliot-Curies, the family with five Nobel prizes
  • This museum is composed of archives, documents and old objects.

The museum is organized into 4 main themes:

  • The family with the 5 Nobel Prize winners
  • The Radium
  • Chemistry and biology
  • The Curie Foundation: curing cancer


The museum's family activities

  • Booklets-investigations are given free to children and pre-teens at the reception desk for self-guided tours (duration about 50 minutes): "The Radium Race at the Curie Museum (ages 8-12) and "Investigation Trail at the Curie Museum". (for 13-15 year olds).  
  • Every Saturday at 3pmThe museum offers activities for adults and children. It is advisable to reserve because the workshops are quickly full. These workshops are free


In the museum gardens: RADIUM215 BY C215

  • Marie Curie created this small garden in 1912. She wanted a pleasant setting to carry out her work
  • Street Art exhibition in the garden : C215 is a street artist who painted the portraits of Pierre and Marie Curie, Irène and Frédéric Joliot-Curie on the facades of the museum


Events at the Curie Museum


Practical information

See schedule details Wednesday to Saturday, from 1 to 5 pm.

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