In this period of confinement...

Child activity containment


What to do with our children during this period of confinement? We try to find cool, fun and family friendly ideas to do together. Our list is growing as we find new ones and receive your suggestions. If you have any ideas to share with us, don't hesitate to let us know!


The Centre Pompidou  launches its first video game available for free on mobile (IOS/Android) and computer (PC/Mac). It is a playful and very poetic immersion in art that allows you to approach art without any complex, alone or with your family.
This video game allows you to discover the major works of the museum and the principles of artistic creation. Prime 7 has 7 different levels of play that give players the opportunity to evolve among forty major works of the museum of modern and contemporary art; of Miro, the 'Harlequin' of Picasso to Mondrian, etc."

I download the video game



"Baam! Art in the spinach"we love not only the title, but also everything about this program proposed by France TV. Playful and very intelligent, Baam! presents in 5 minutes a major painting of the history of art. It links it to its historical context and to an artistic movement. It is very lively and well documented. We advise adults to watch it as well, in order to shine at your next (post-confinement!) dinners.
The topics covered are very varied:

  • the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Manet and his painting "The Balcony
  • the Sistine Madonna by Rafaello Sanzio
  • the portraits of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun
  • Grant Wood Pioneers
  • etc ...


containment and art history


Every Wednesday, the Louvre Museum  account of  Great StoriesThese are short animated videos of about 4 minutes in length. Intended for children from 6 years old, they show the richness of the museum and its works. We learn a lot of things and it is really well done.
The topics are varied:

  • the epic of the Regent, on the largest diamond in the world
  • the expedition to Egypt on Bonaparte's campaigns
  • the flight of the Mona Lisa
  • The stone lady on a 2600 year old Cretan statue
  • etc ...


The Beautiful Stories of the Louvre for Children

Take part in the video clip of Miguel Derennes (France Bleu) and send him your family videos

Miguel Derennes is a radio host on France Bleu (and has worked on FUN, EUROPE 2, NRJ or RTL). He is also the voice-over of the show "Un dîner presque parfait". Miguel launches an album of songs for children. His 1st single is called Cobacabano. So that parents can take care of their children while having fun, Miguel offers them to film together as a family... (in landscape format 30 seconds maximum). Have fun on the song CobacabanoIf you want to have a beach party, get out your straw hats, duck buoys, inflatable pools, buckets, shovels or anything else that evokes the sun and the vacations.
The funniest videos will be the clip of Copacabano...

Books, board games, puzzles, video games, crafts...

The website quietly resumes its activity and delivers to your home. On the reading side, a selection of favorite books and the best sellers of the moment. Delivery is offered from 35?.

order books from

Buy a kit to make a protective mask

An online haberdashery (lefildevosidé to buy small sewing supplies, mainly thread! They also sell a Kit for a mask (a little expensive, but very good quality), with a very well done video to help you make it.
Human, the magnificent film by Yann Arthus Bertrand is available in its complete version (cinema version) since today. A film that answers all these questions: What makes us human? Is it the fact of loving, is it the fact of struggling? Is it the fact of laughing? Crying? Our curiosity? Our quest for discovery? A film to watch with the family (in small parts, it lasts 3 hours) and to show to children and teenagers.  The opportunity to discuss all these themes with your children and to exchange on subjects as varied as the environment, ecology, diversity, respect, feelings, family...

A new recipe for quick and easy cooking and with few ingredients (special closet kitchen): The small zucchini pancakes.
simple recipe for zucchini cake


In partnership with Paris Aquarium CineaquaWe have just launched a contest to win 4 Family Passes (2 adults and 2 children) valid until 31/12/2020.

1 Pass to win on Familin'Paris Facebook page by participating in a drawing contest!
1 Pass to win on the Instagram page of Familin'Paris

and from this evening a contest for all subscribers to our newsletterwith 2 passes to be won (if you are not registered, it's time!)

Good luck to all those who want to participate!
(photo credit: ©-Cinéaqua)


18 days of confinement and you've skimmed all the history books in the house to read to your children. France Inter takes over to allow you to breathe a little and proposes toddler very nice stories listen to the podcast "A story and .... Oli" just before going to bed.

It is about tales for children from 3 to 5 years old told by authors such as Chloé Delaume, Katherine Pancol, Zep, Delphine de Vigan, Guillaume Meurice or Alain Mabanckou? Very nice stories to fall asleep!

To listen for example: "Omar's papers" narrated by Séverine Vidal and Sophia Aram,  "Santa's Network" narrated by François Morel, "The secret of the parents" narrated by Nicolas Mathieu, "The Friend Merchant" narrated by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, "The little potato who wanted to be a fierce dog" narrated by Nicole Ferroni, "The little girl who was afraid of dogs and the wind in the trees" told by Véronique Ovaldé...

france inter podcast for children



Spotify Kids is available to Spotify Family subscribers. It's designed for kids ages 3 and up with a focus on safety and privacy (and no ads). Young listeners can discover songs, soundtracks and stories on their own or with their parents. All content is selected by the publishers who ensure that the content is suitable for children.

The French children will be able to listen to 160 playlists (5000 titles).


  • Tightrope walker TV (the TV channel of the Funambule theater, offers one show per day on video, totally free.
  • AT 11h it's time to theater for toddlers.
  • This week's program includes:
    • The bee, the child and the magic flower (for ages 3 and up)
    • Ninon au royaume du non (from 2 years old)
    • A chameleon in Paris (from 2 years old)



Ludo & Sophie (organizer of guided family tours) gives us an appointment (during the whole period of confinement) every Wednesday and Sunday on their facebook page to discover with your children: an artist, a work of art, a historical figure, or a bit of science and of course play with us.



We like the initiative of the Orchestre de Paris which, in these times of confinement, continues to make the discovery of classical music accessible to the greatest number of people, big or small.

what to do with children at home



An idea for a dessert without eggs (not always easy to find these days). They are delicious and remind us of the little desserts of our childhood.


March 20, 2020

AlloCiné Kids is coming to your home: choosing a movie will be a breeze

AlloCiné Kids will allow parents to search by several criteria:

  • by age group (from 3 years, 6 years, 10 years, 12 years)
  • by theme according to your desires (escape, family laughter, prince and princess)
  • by requirement (zero violence, ecology, learning story)
  • by genre or decade

ANTI-FOOD WASTE: what about expiration dates!

In this period of confinement and sometimes of food restriction with the stores not always very well stocked, this article of the site La Nutrition, makes a summary of foods that we can consume after the expiration dateUseful when we have to restrict the exits to go shopping for food.


  • For 6 to 8 people
  • 1/2 l milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 75 gr of sugar
  • Flavor (1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla or 1 packet of vanilla sugar)
  • Cooking time: about 25 minutes in a bain marie
  • Preheat the oven (th. 6 or 180°) . Boil the milk with the sugar. In a bowl, beat the whole eggs. Pour the boiling milk little by little, stirring well. Add the perfume. Pour into a porcelain dish or ramekins and put the dish (or ramekins) in a hot water bath. Cook for 20 to 25 minutes (as soon as the top begins to take color). Between 6 and 8 individual ramekins for 1/2l of milk.

Little ideas to get organized at home

  • Early childhood experts advise us to structure children's day with a timetable - to be respected as much as possible - (more complicated to set up with toddlers)
  • We are living in an exceptional and unprecedented situation: suggest to your children and teenagers to keep a small diary or journal. This will be a great writing exercise and an opportunity for them to express how they feel about being confined to their homes.
  • Make a chart with activities and tasks to be divided between parents and children. With a little luck (let's remain optimistic), this will continue after...
  • Let's support independent booksellers (which have been undermined by the Coronavirus crisis) by ordering our books from sites such as

A great podcast for kids "The Odyssey" (7 to 12 years old)

It was conceived and produced by Laure Grandbesançon (radio columnist and producer). Each podcast lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the theme. Some of them are related to school programs. A playful way to make them revise their classics.

Some themes among the 25 Podcasts offered to children :

  • The discovery of the Lascaux cave
  • the life of Socrates
  • Merlin and the creation of the round table
  • Investigation of the man in the iron mask
  • Investigating the Loch Ness Monster

The Odyssey, the podcast for children

A nice series to watch with pre-teens

  • "Anne with an E" An adaptation of the story of a little orphan girl on Prince Edwards Island. It is the story of a a feisty young orphan girl who comes to live with an old maid and her brother. Based on the novel "Anne? The house of green gables".
  • From 12/13 years old
  • 30 episodes / 3 seasons on Netflix

An idea for a movie to watch with teenagers

  • Imitation Game (on Prime Video): a beautiful film about war, tolerance and the creation of Artificial Intelligence and computers. A film that will allow you to discuss important subjects with your children

Snack time: the French toast recipe

  • Brioche or bread from before yesterday
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 glasses of milk
  • 2 tbsp. powdered sugar
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • The recipe We mix all the ingredients. We soak the bread or the brioche. In a frying pan with a little butter, we make return the slice of bread (or brioche) and we sprinkle with sugar (so that it caramelizes a little) before turning over it.

Family cooking: the simple recipe for pizza dough

  • 300 gr of T45 or double flour 0
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 sachet of baker's yeast
  • 15cl of warm water
  • 1 small tablespoon of sugar and a little salt
  • The recipe Mix the warm water and the baker's yeast. Then we mix all the ingredients together. We form a ball that we let rest 10mn in the refrigerator. We spread the ball of dough by giving him the shape of his choice. We cover with tomato sauce then with ingredients of its choice. And one passes to the oven 10 to 15mn max. to 220° (preferably heat turnable)

Family cooking (continued): what if we made our own fresh pasta

  • Proportion : 100gr of flour for 1 egg (multiply according to the number of people)
  • The recipe We mix the flour and the egg. We form a ball that we let rest 10mn in the refrigerator. Spread the dough with a rolling pin or with a floured glass bottle on about 1cm thickness. Roll and cut (to obtain tagliatelle). We give the shape of his choice.

(Source The program "Grand bien vous fais" by Ali Rebeihi on France Inter (to listen in Replay)


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great recipe for eggs with milk, the problem is that it is very difficult to find eggs at the moment?

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The stores should continue to be restocked little by little (well, I hope so). This is my mom's recipe! Take care and good luck?

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