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A place turned towards the ecology, the environment, the preservation of the planet
FREE (except some workshops)

The aim of the GoodPlanet Foundation is to educate adults and the younger generation (children of all ages and teens) about the protection of the environment, to ecology and solidarity.

This foundation was created by Yann Arthus Bertrand in 2017. It is open to all and is free. It is located in the Domaine de Longchamp, on 3.5 hectares, site protected by an environmental charter. It is a place of exchange and sharing.

On weekends, you can nibble a piece (sandwiches) and drink fresh juices at Coup d'Jus.


  • A walk on a forest path, in a preserved nature
  • A place of life with all the year: workshops (free and paid), concerts, exhibitions, film screenings ...
  • Environmental awareness and to ecology with educational devices like composting, an insect hotel, a vegetable garden, an orchard in permaculture

sensibilisation a l'écologie à la fondation GoodPlanet


  • Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to the environment, solidarity and positive ecology
  • Many educational or fun workshops (free and paid) are offered to families on topics as varied as the harvest of honey, biodiversity or the problem of refugees
  • Also wellness sessions, introductions to the photo or to permaculture ...
  • And side festivities: concerts, musical demonstrations or dance
  • AGENDA DAY AFTER DAY WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS (online registration for paid workshops)


  • Top with kids and teens.
  • Marine life, seen by directors or artists from all walks of life with photo exhibitions and animated films
  • A very family-oriented exhibition, which is primarily meant to be educational
  • Nice: big beanbags for children in theaters, to watch movies
  • A magnificent photo exhibition talented Sebastiao Salgado
  • It gives to see the beauty of the world through large black and white photos exposed in the middle of nature: landscapes, tribes of the whole world, animals, trances of lives, rites ...
  • Sebastiao Salgado, a great Brazilian photographer is a lover of nature but also a witness to the decline of our planet

exposition photo sebastiao salgado fondation goodplanet

photo elephant sebastoai salgado fondation goodplanet

  • Armand Amar is the composer of the films of Yann Arthus Bertrand.
  • He is also a collector of ancient musical instruments from all over the world (Asia, Oceania, Africa ...).
  • He presents part of his fabulous collection which counts more than 2000 instruments
  • 800 exceptional pieces are gathered here
  • Wednesday from 13h to 18h, Thursday from 13h to 17h, Friday from 13h to 18h and the weekend from 12h to 19h

exposition le Passeur de Son à la Fondation GoodPlanet
l'exposition Passeur de son, à la Fondation GoodPlanet


  • The Hive is an immersive installation, which reproduces the life of a hive: noise of bees, evolution of the hive according to the seasons ...
  • A wall of explanation on the life of the bees, the manufacture of honey, the different types of bees, bees in danger ... Very interesting for children

Practical information

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  • From Wednesday to Friday, from 12h to 18h
  • Saturday and Sunday, from 11h to 19h

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