The most ineffective experiments and crazy inventions possible, for maximum fun!
November 30 and December 1 at the Cité des Sciences

WE love
A positive and enjoyable festival!
Age:  for all, from 6-7 years old
Date:  November 30 and December 1 (10am - 6pm)
Location:   Cité des Sciences (Paris 19th)

Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie : the festival of the foirés

The first edition of the Foirés: the joyful festival of flops and flops

  • The City of Science and Industry present a new festival, unique in its kind, which honors the flops, the flops and the failures. We love the idea!
  • Because... failure is an integral part of the innovation processthe festival of the foirés shows the failed experiments. A delightful result.
  • It is the occasion to give life to the most zany and funny inventions to show that failure is positive, constructive and necessary.
  • The objective is to redefine the notion of failure and to honor the "screw-ups" of history without forgetting the "screw-ups" of everyday life.
  • In the program Mini exhibitions of uncomfortable, untraceable and faulty objects from the Museum of Failure, the creation of a chain reaction machine, a show to design an absurd tea-making machine, wooden games, XXL puzzles, crazy bikes...
  • Demonstrations, workshops and animations to accomplish complex, but above all useless performances: the opportunity to perform for a "collective flop".
  • For example:
    • Tapassa ? Visitors who love TV shopping will love Tapassa, the show "where everything is"! Participatory animation lasting 20 minutes. (from 6 years old)
    • Creation of a chain reaction machine with Joseph Herscher (from 7 years old)
    • How does a useless box work? (from 10 years old)...


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    • Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 10am to 7pm

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