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A very singular universe. Works rarely exhibited in Paris.
Age :  for all, from 7 years old with the family visit
Duration:  until 10 February 2020
Location:   Grand Palais (Paris 8th)
Greco at the Grand Palais exhibition 2019 /2020

Greco at the Grand Palais: the first major exhibition in France devoted to this great unclassifiable artist

  • Le Greco is a 16th century artist, unclassifiable and very original.
  • He mainly painted religious subjects.
  • Initially inspired by the Bysantine art of icon painters, his art evolves in contact with Italian painting. He uses his great imagination to propose new figurative solutions.
  • His painting is very singular: the choice of very bright colours is unusual and the characters seem to be weightless.
  • Painter of the 16th century, he was born in Crete and worked in Italy in Venice alongside Titian and in Rome, and it was in Spain, in Toledo, that he was successful.
  • A highly original artist, Greco has been described as a madman, sometimes heretical, sometimes mystical, and some even, to justify the boldness of his palette, have imagined him as an astigmatic!
  • The Greco exhibition at the Grand Palais presents a beautiful retrospective with 75 works by the artist and is a unique opportunity to see in France the painting of this immense artist with such an original style.


"Greco," child and family visitation:


The Grand Palais offers a family visit to help young people discover this artist:

Exhibition recommended for children  THE INTERACTIVE FAMILY GUIDED TOUR : 

  • In a family with children aged 7 to 16 years old
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Discover with your family through games and interactivity a major artist in the History of Art.
  • Entry through the thread-cutting access. Meet in front of the "groups" reception desk 1/4 hour before the visit.
  • Wednesdays (in October only) and every Saturday at 2:15 pm


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