Turnkey birthday packages for children

In Paris and Ile-de-France
Many museums or cultural places in Paris offer turnkey birthday packages for children. . Most of them are fun or unusual birthday formulas with workshops, cake, snack and gift opening.
A room is usually reserved for for the occasion and a facilitator at your disposal throughout the service. Snacks are not always included in these packages and are sometimes charged to the parents.
It often takes book well in advance because these addresses are in high demand.

In the 4th arrondissement

The anniversary formula of the museum of magic and automatons (4th)

  • Package : visit of the museum + show + room available for the snack
  • Fee: 25? per child (minimum of 10 children)
  • Age : from 6 years old
  • When: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday except during school vacations
  • The snack is the responsibility of the parents

More info on birthdays at the Museum of Magic

In the 10th arrondissement

The Anniversary formula of the gourmet chocolate museum (10th)

  • The formula: a workshop + a chocolate cake to decorate + the snack and opening of the gifts
  • 1 dedicated room + 1 facilitator
  • Price : 450? for 10 children and 2 accompanying persons and 45? / additional child
  • Age : from 6 years old
  • Possibility to visit before or after the birthday

In the 11th arrondissement

The Kapla Center's birthday workshops (11th)

  • The formula at the Kapla center: a workshop, homemade chocolate cake, candy, fruit
  • Rate : from 300? for 12 children - 25? per additional child
  • Age : from 4 years old
  • A dedicated room and a facilitator
  • Possibility to do it at home (from 415?) - Snack is provided by the parents