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  • WE love : a sparkling show of fantasy
  • Age : for all, from 6 years old
  • Duration: Until April 26th
  • Location: Theater Point Virgule (Paris 4th)
The Bourgeois Gentillhomme at the Point Virgule theatre in Paris

A public version of the Bourgeois Gentilhomme

  • A show sparkling fantasy and talent
  • A luminous adaptation of this classic de Molière by Flore Vialet
  • This version of the Bourgeois Gentleman has won the "Petit Molière" for the best direction stage
  • Monsieur Jourdain has a dream, to become a nobleman. And this brave innkeeper is ready to do anything crazy, any crazy at all, to make to make it come true.
  • A public show

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